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Hard Redemption on July 4th, 2022 at Front Porch Pickin' in Watertown, TN. Photo by Vicki Sandona:

Hard Redemption photographed by Scott Lukes on February 6th, 2020 at Live Oak in Nashville:


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Hard Redemption is a Nashville-based Americana band with award-winning songs.  Frontman is hit songwriter Michael Anderson, best known for writing country classic "Maybe It Was Memphis".  Frontwoman is Canadian singer-songwriter Soraiya Campbell best known for her songs "Lonely For Your Love" and "A Man I Once Knew".  Michael and Soraiya are currently performing with guitarist Armand Anderson and fiddler John Cisco.  Previous Hard Redemption band members include: Kirk Eberhard (bass), Mike Bailey (drums), Mike Greenberg and Mark Huhta (pedal steel), Jim Doyle (drums), and Greg Boaz (bass).

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